GCAP Community Member of the Month - Sandbox

If you had the opportunity

to ask an expert anything,

What would you ask?

I know an AMA is happening soon, but what the heck is it?

AMA, for those you of you who may be unfamiliar with the term, is an acronym for "Ask Me Anything!" It's an emerging interview style where the person of interest does not take questions from one person, but from members of an online forum, instead. The idea being that everyone has their chance to ask questions and the expert or person of interest replies to those questions during the specified timeframe. 

Why should I participate in the AMA?


Expert Participation

Posting to Discussion Often
Replying to Threads
Liking Posts/Replies

Real-time Discussion

In-Depth Responses
Providing Walkthroughs
Sharing Screenshots/Links/Guides

Quality Answers

Frequently Asking Questions
Following Numerous Topics/Tags
Subscribed to Multiple Digest

August 28th between the hours of noon - 3pm EST, the PureConnect Community will have a team of WEM experts answering your questions in the community!

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