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Latest Discussions

  • Posted in: Genesys Casual

    Hey Everyone, The community team will be present at Xperience 19 in Denver, Colorado, and we would love to meet you! I wanted to open a thread for you to share any thoughts, ideas or requests that you may have and ask you a few questions:  What ...

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  • Posted in: PureCloud

    Just so everyone knows, this is getting a lot of attention from Development right now. It has been escalated to the core teams involved to try and figure out what happened and get it fixed. The short-term solution for anyone experiencing it is to roll ...

  • Posted in: PureCloud

    Thanks a lot George. ------------------------------ Mario Sanchez Servicios en Tecnología de la Informacion SETEINFO del Ecuador C.A. ------------------------------

  • Hi, does anyone knows how to set the email queue before executing the sendEmail command in WDE. Tried to do it using contact PSDK updateInteraction in beforeSendEmail command. I get sucess message but WDE keeps the default queue when sending the email. ...

  • Posted in: PureCloud

    An email is sent from PureCloud straight to the destination domain's receiving server, which then places it into the appropriate mailbox(es). ------------------------------ Sven Schiller Kognitiv ------------------------------

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