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    Hello and welcome to the Latitude by Genesys Community site. In this site, we welcome all customers and users of Latitude by Genesys to have open and constructive conversations about all things Latitude and ARM in general. Not sure on how to use ...

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    RE: Sandgrid Errror

    Posted in: Latitude

    Hi Lee, The Latitude.Workflow.DesignerUI.exe is from version 10 su 00. For some reason it didn't get updated to su07. You should run the LatitudeWorkflow_SU7.msp on your machine followed by any ES's for su07 workflow. Support should be able to help ...

  • Posted in: PureCloud

    Hello, I have a question about Divisions. I have added a new division, but I couldn't add people to it. however, I have all the permissions to Add/View/Edit/delete division. Yours, #PlatformAdministration #SystemAdministration ------------------------------ ...

  • Posted in: PureConnect

    hi Gary, I wonder if you managed to integrate PureConnect with NGuvu? ------------------------------ Wesley Boudzovitch Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

  • Posted in: PureCloud

    Thanks George, still seems high in comparison when I look at our daily connection for an outbound queue in comparison to offered calls to agents. So bit concerning from an operational perspective. Will reach out to support and Darlene. ------------------------------ ...

  • Posted in: PureCloud

    Hi Dean I operate a split telephony option for 2 contact centers. I have 1 group of agents sitting on soft-phone technology using the plantronics setup. TBH i find i have more problems with these agents in comparison to the 2nd group who purely sit on ...

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