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    Join Community Manager Matt and Salesforce expert Richard Schott as they discuss burning questions from the Genesys Cloud Community. This week's questions include: Show and Tell (Walkthrough): - Workspace Transfer Functionality in Salesforce Integration ...

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  • We know. On paper, Workforce Engagement isn't that complicated. But when you get into the nitty gritty, you may find terms like "WFM", "WFO" and "WEM" are used interchangeably. So, what's the difference? Is there any? Does it even matter? We think ...

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  • Woohoo, the community shell is here, my friends! ------------------------------ Cole Callahan Genesys - Employees Online Community Coordinator ------------------------------

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    It appears that Genesys is blocking our dev web domain. The code works as it should from my wix site, it also works from jsfiddle.com (html test site), and our production web domain. Have a case opened. Hoping to have it resolved soon. ------------------------------ ...

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    Michael, Are you actually editing the javascript source code of the widget in order to hide/remove the email address?  If so, that's not a great idea, as other places in the source could might have dependencies on the existence of those fields, and you ...

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    Please note that the idea 302 was merged with  https://purecloud.ideas.aha.io/ideas/CLWFO-I-314  Idea 314 has 16 votes at the moment. ------------------------------ Dan Fontaine Altivon ------------------------------

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