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Alberto Has been with CarMax Auto Finance for over a decade. Currently, he is responsible for executing the customer contact strategy for outbound collections as well as workforce management on the Genesys Pure Connect platform.


Pete Over 25 years in the telecommunications industry. Pete currently manages TMP Direct’s  Genesys  PureConnect, premise based platform and has been an active member of NA CGCC since 2014.


Prabhakar More than 12 years of experience in global contact center integrations with various CRMs. Now an Innovation Architect for Philips, prototyping emerging technologies like Chatbot, AR/VR, AI, Blockchain, IoT etc. 


  • Join the Team Our association of Genesys customers share our experiences, offer knowledge, and discuss insights
  • Collaborate Make better decisions based on others' real-world experiences
  • Learn Improve the return on your investment through peer networking and experts in your industry
  • Influence Share your thoughts on Genesys' priorities and roadmap to improve the product


  • Who can join? Membership into the Genesys User Group for Customers is limited to Customer participation only.
  • Do you support all product lines? Yes: PureCloud, PureConnect, and PureEngage.
  • Are there any membership fees? Membership to the user group is free.  
  • How often does the group meet? Webinars occur at least once a month. If you cannot make it, you can view the recordings online. In addition to webinars, there is an in-person meeting at Genesys annual CX conference

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