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Acd Initiate Bullseye Processiong Tool

  • 1.  Acd Initiate Bullseye Processiong Tool

    Posted 12 days ago
    Although it was not in 2018R5, a tool called "Acd Initiate Bullseye Processiong" is added to InteractionDesigner in 2019R1.

    It looks like you haven't written in the release notes, is this a new feature?
    Is there anything related to PureCloud?

    do you know?

    Yusuke Higashino
    Itochu Techno-Solutions Corporation(CTC)

  • 2.  RE: Acd Initiate Bullseye Processiong Tool

    Posted 12 days ago
    Edited by Rasko Radojevic 12 days ago

    Thank you @Yusuke Higashino because thanks to your update I just noticed this tool on internal server.

    From Interaction Designer documentation it's in the part "What's new"


    and there's article about tool


    and in ACD TR document there's updated part


    Bullseye routing, which is available only with a custom workgroup, assigns interactions to agents based on selection pools. Picture a target with a bullseye in the center and four rings around the bullseye. One or more agents are assigned to the bullseye (ring 1) and to each of the rings, 2-5, outside of the bullseye. Each ring has a configured timeout.

    Bullseye routing is not configurable from workgroup configuration. You assign agents and a timeout to each ring using the ACD Initiate Bullseye Processing tool in Interaction Designer. Assign the preferred agents to ring 1, the bullseye, so they are considered first. For more information about the tool, see ACD Initiate Bullseye Processing in the Interaction Designer help.

    Раско Радојевић
    Rasko Radojevic