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Log Error / Autoplay policy in Chrome 70

  • 1.  Log Error / Autoplay policy in Chrome 70

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    Posted 6 days ago
    Hi All,

    Running up on an interesting issue in the desktop client. My customer caught a snip of the log but I have yet to catch the full raw log file. Anyway, the client loses control/signaling connectivity making it impossible to end the call, apply a wrap up code, etc... the bearer traffic will persist, but the application has to be restarted.

    The snip contains an error reference to "Web Audio autoplay policy will be re-enabled in Chrome 70" from resource "goo.gl/7k7wl. Also has 403 and 404 failures to load from api.mypurecloud.com/_billing/freetrial:1 , and /platform/api/v2/use_df07a110/presence:1.

    Anyone ever seen this kind of error?


    Dean Thames
    Koch Business Solutions