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Outbound asynchronous chat

  • 1.  Outbound asynchronous chat

    Posted 7 days ago
    Hi all,
    one of our customers is evaluating the adoption of the new asynchronous chat with GMS on a mobile app.
    They're investigating on several features to verify users requirements compliance and they asked us for an "unexpected" question: they'd like to understand if they can initiate a new chat session starting from the agent, instead of the customer side, as it is more usual.

    The following is an example of use case:
    - a customer has already launched a chat with the contact center (so, the customer has been already registered within UCS);
    - the chat has finished;
    - after some days, an agent would like to contact the customer;
    - through WDE, the  agent search for the customer's history;
    - once selected one of the previous chats, the agent can initiate a new chat session through a mouse right-click, for example.
    By the way, the behavior described is the same that could be used in a FB Messenger chat using WDE.
    Of course, the strong assumption is that the customer uses the custom app (to be developed) to communicate with Genesys Chat (through GMS).
    In any case, I don't think this scenario could be feasible because it would require that, using GMS, Genesys WDE is able to create a new chat session and to send a push notification to the customer mobile phone to informe him about a new message, in a new session. And it does not seem to me that GMS allows this.

    Is there anyone out of here that has already had a similar requirement? What do you think about this?
    Any hints and tips would be very appreciated.

    Best regards


    Giuliano Ferri
    Indra Italia spa

  • 2.  RE: Outbound asynchronous chat

    Top 25 Contributor
    Posted 6 days ago
    To begin with, haven't tried anything like this, but sounds like it might be feasible these days.

    If I were you I'd look at the Chat Business Process sample to see how it's handling it for Whatsapp and maybe you can reverse engineer it for your use case.  You'll also need a customisation for WDE I'd imagine.

    Sorry, not a lot of help, but hopefully some thoughts.

    Jason Mclennan
    Commonwealth Bank of Australia

  • 3.  RE: Outbound asynchronous chat

    Posted 5 days ago
    Hello Jason,
    many thanks for your reply, very useful.

    I was aware that outbound chat is allowed on WhatsApp channel, even if with some limitation imposed by WhatsApp itself. But from a technical point of view, it is possible. And the same applies to Messenger, as I wrote in my original post.
    I was not aware, by now, about a web chat or, better, a chat established through GMS.
    The release note you highlighted is quite interesting: "Chat Server now supports outbound chat sessions which were introduced in messaging channels like WhatsApp and others. (CHAT-3426)". It sounds like they're extending this kind of feature to the standard chat server and hence to other channels, maybe.

    We have to investigate better to understand if the mobile channel is included in this enhancement (I found that many new features Genesys is introducing on chat are strictly dependent on the channel used).

    Any other hint or suggestion would be welcome.
    Best regards

    Giuliano Ferri
    Indra Italia spa