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  • Hi Jason, many thanks for your response. Indee you are right, we are trying to use MCPs as RTP Proxy. Using an SBC for that purpose can be of course one solution, we indeed have one SBC in front of Genesys, but still customer for internal security reasons ...

  • Hi David, I must admit I'm not totally clear on the problem space, but it sounds like your trying to use the MCPs as an RTP Proxy?  Wouldnt using an SBC provide better demarcation here? ------------------------------ Jason McLennan Commonwealth Bank ...

  • You could utilise the Private APIs used by GAX, just examine the API calls via developer console in your browser.  Not, pretty sure this is completely unsupported, even though the GAX developer manual references one of the private APIs here . Ot you ...

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  • Biggest change I'm aware of is the mandatory use of ODBC.    See here ------------------------------ Jason McLennan Commonwealth Bank of Australia ------------------------------

  • Looks like FreePBX doesnt like the header size given its complaining about a lack of SDP when clearly it's present.  Two things: Ensuring your using TCP (rather than UDP) in the trunk config.  I'd say that you'd be getting close or over your MTU. ...



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