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  • Hi, You can resolve this issue by adding additionals colums to the contact list.   When you disposition the record as callback you fill these columns with the last wrapup code and planned callback timestamp.   This will help you also to verify if the ...

  • Good night Community! Actually, the client contact center agents did not know when a receive call is a callback. It is possible to know that in Interaction Scripter, to be able to to show them a message in a HTML tag: "This contact is a callback" ? I ...

  • When we run into this issue, we normally have to do a switchover to get the agent connected again. ------------------------------ Scott Williams Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority ------------------------------

  • What are you searching for and i will try and see if i get the same thing. ------------------------------ Scott Williams Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority ------------------------------

  • I have 2 Media Servers that are no longer used in production.  I have disabled them from accepting sessions in the web configuration.  Should I also remove them from the IA > System Configuration > Media Servers > Servers node? Thanks, Andrew ------------------------------ ...

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