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  • The best option that I can find to be reliable is to create a DNIS-based profile in Attendant (say, with a DNIS of 1000 or whatever will not interfere with your extension plan).  Either set the user to Available, Forward to dial that number, or set their ...

  • ​I think I have figured out my answer. Thank you! ------------------------------ Nicole ------------------------------

  • hi Team, is it possible to store or transfer pure connect interaction recording in salesforce? i recently saw a video related to pure cloud where the call recording were saved in salesforce along with the case? is this possible out of the box or will ...

  • This method disconnects the call. Any of the forwarding options available in client configuration would bypass the out of office message. Others may have methods to do what you want, but I haven't had to solve that specific issue myself. ------------------------------ ...

  • ​Thanks!  After the greeting is played, does the call disconnect?  Any way to have it cover to an operator, or another employee? ------------------------------ Nicole ------------------------------

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