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  • I Added a  menu item in the  hamburger  menu, and I am looking for a way to click on this menu item and open a custom View I created in the 'ToolbarWorkplaceRegion' region, but I need some guide into how to implement this functionality  Thanks in ... More

  • My name is Peter Segre. For the last two years I have been Program Manager with the Product Strategy and Operations team, and was part of the Sales Operations team for 3 years prior.   I was a key contributor in the creation of and transition to our ... More

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  • My name is Ginger Alford.  I am a Program Manager with the Product Strategy and Operations team and have been a part of the Genesys family for over 2 years now. A Major part of my role as is being the Community Manager for all 3 of the Product Ideas ... More

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  • Dear All, I like to know Is there any way to call GIA developed voicebot URL from an IRD developed IVR. I used play application block to call the same. But it is not working. Kindly suggest me. Thanks, Gowtham #Routing(ACD/IVR) ------------------------------ ... More

  • We would like to connect the voice stream of SIP End Point to Google Speech Engine. Something similar to what EndPoint SDK for OSX does as given below: https://docs.genesys.com/Documentation/SESDK/9.0.0OSX/Developer/RealtimeAccesstoAudioStream We want ... More

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    Does anyone know of a way to change the name of an interaction queue which was created when you create a new Digital Applicaiton within Designer 9. Currently the interaction queue name shows a long hex value, so when showing them in desktop workbins ... More

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    Hello Team, We need to deploy a virtual edge and we are working in the server.  Please, can you let me know if we need to get an Intel server or if we are able to use AMD CPUs? Thank you. #Implementation ------------------------------ Sebastian ... More

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    Take a look, if you agree then please vote for them.  Thank you! Add Supervisor Role Visibility to Agent Setup   Managing these roles is a massive undertaking in our 2,400 agent organization and the current views do not provide ease to viewing and changing ... More

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    ​Hello this is Arben, I would like to ask for an information regarding the Geneys Licenses when you migrate your existing local installed Genesys Platform to Cloud, can the existing Genesys Licenses (from a local Installation) being used if you host ... More

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    Chat Widget Extension

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    Hi all, We have configured the Genesys default Chat widget and hosted on a webpage. The chat interactions are happening fine. When the customer is initiating a chat he will give First Name, Last Name, Email, and Subject. Now we've noticed that the First ... More