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    Hi All, To follow from an idea that was raise on the clouds idea forum (  Genesys Cloud Ideas Lab) - CLWFO-I-243  https://genesyscloud.ideas.aha.io/ideas/CLWFO-I-243   I wanted to check if any scheduling colleagues that are using Genesys Engage have ... More

  • Hi All, Looking for additional information on Shift preferencing / Avaibility bidding option? Has anyone been successfully running these during shift review / shift bid / allignement?  Would love to have a chat about this fonction if any of you have use ... More

  • We just implemented Genesys Workforce Management as a replacement for Verint.  An item that was missed in requirements by our business was the display of agent schedule adherence on their own desktops.  Has anyone else tackled this issue? TIA #Omni-ChannelDesktop/UserInterface ... More

  • It is hard finding information regarding creating a REST API call within iHub's Integration I am trying to create a GET REST call that would return a JSON response using the parameter of an email.  I am having a difficult time with the syntax of the request. ... More

  • Genesys Customer Care is pleased to announce the latest release of the Log File Management Tool (LFMT), 8.5.104. LFMT 8.5.104 now supports Oracle 19c. LFMT 8.5.104 contains the following components: LFMT Client LFMT Collector ... More

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