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    I wonder if there is exception handling in OCS scxml treatment...Please help if you have any idea or if there are any documents talking about this topic. Thanks. ------------------------------ Henry ------------------------------ More

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    I recently upgraded to Composer 8.1.450.33, and it appears to be a little buggy. One issue I've run into is opening properties for any block.I click on the object block an right-click and select properties. The properties tab opens and it is completely ... More

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    Hi Everyone! As a valued Genesys customer, we'd love to get your input on your Genesys implementation on a third party online review site. Why, you ask? Your peers come to review sites to get an inside look at Contact Center Infrastructure tools and ... More

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    GMS Locate me

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    Hi All, Do anyone have a case study / document / API samples to start with using Genesys GMS Locate me or Alert me feature . Basically I would like to explore below features of GMS * Locate Me: Location and GPS provide the customer's location ... More

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    ​Hello, I have been reviewing a management layer deployment and cannot find implementation steps as described within the framework deployment guides. The platform is on v8.1 (HA), SCS being 8.1.3 (confserv 8.1.2) - OS Linux. When checking the scs set ... More

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