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  • Hello, does anyone know how to configure WDE to connect to an configserver upgrade port? The connection on an unsecured port is working, but with an secured port the message "cannot upgrade connection to TLS" appears. Thanks, #ArchitectureandDesign ... More

  • How can we easily export/import the WFM objects from one environment to other environment having different config servers.IS there any wizard tool that can move all of the objects in the WFM portal (agent properties etc) #Unsure/Other ------------------------------ ... More

  • Hi All, We are looking for a config server event which could tell us about the client details from which changes has been made to the config object. We have already subscribed to the config events for the type of change i.e. create/update/delete and ... More

  • Hi everyone, I have the following cenarios: 1. make call to contact We use teamcommunicator to select a contact and them make a call to one of the contact's phonenumber. When the call is established we can create new interaction to the contact's emails ... More

  • Using a customized Agent Login widget, how can I filter out Agents who are on Break or Lunch? The end result is that I want to only display Agents that are logged in and are either waiting for an interaction or are currently in the process of an interaction. ... More

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