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  • Dear community, Has anyone implemented the Security Filters in GCXI based on Genesys Configuration Units? If so, can u describe the approach in a few words? If not, how would you approach this task? Thanks in advance! #ArchitectureandDesign #Reporting/Analytics ... More

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    Hi - I am trying to create profiles (virtual agents) to determine the most optimal schedules however, only two shifts are generating. I was hoping to get a variation of different shifts with varied start times. Can someone help me with this? Thanks, ... More

  • Hello All, I wanted to ask if there's a way to implement a transfer for a call in the call flow (vxml) to another entity outside Genesys platform that can also be communicated using SIP with additional SIP headers/attached data associated with the transferred ... More

  • Hello, Appreciate your help on this. We had a customer who is transitioning to the Oracle 19c database in an Oracle exadata-box environment. This environment uses an  LDAP lookup mechanism  to determine the Oracle database address. The JDBC ... More

  • Hi  A few months ago we received the below email from Genesys Hub Notification. I know a case was opened with facebook but I am not able to find the URL to the thread. Can any one provide this. Has this issue been resolved. Dear Customer, We have ... More

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