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March 2022 Instructor of the month

  • 1.  March 2022 Instructor of the month

    Posted 03-15-2022 16:03

    Anne Marie Groleas is our featured Instructor of the Month for March!

    Anne Marie has worked at Genesys since 2003 as a trainer. She started as a contractor for 3 years before being hired in 2006. She is one our Beyond's Master Instructors. Anne Marie teaches Framework, SIP, Multimedia, outbound, Recording, GVP Development of routing strategies, and VXML script. One day she thought to map the entire architecture of the Genesys premise. She tried to make a diagram with all the components and all the connections of the different solutions. It could have been the size of a wall.

    Anne Marie states that even though she is certified on all the solutions for which she teaches, she feels she doesn't have a specialty but has an incredible amount of knowledge of all of them. She does have preferences. She loves everything about architecture, call-flow and understanding how things work. Anne Marie also enjoys writing routing strategies and VXML scripts. What she particularly likes about her job is the generalist side and touches everything.

    There are 2 types of classes that Annie Marie particularly likes. The Foundation courses especially the Framework foundation because these courses are pedagogical challenges like allowing trainees to enter the Genesys world which seems very complex to them. The other classes are GIR or SIP training courses, for example, are more technical challenges that she loves.

    Anne Marie loves hiking in the high mountains over several days in complete autonomy. She also likes to organize and create life-size games, treasure hunts in Paris, disguised team games. With COVID, it has become impossible for her to do at the moment. Anne Marie's favorite vacation spot is the mountains. She loves falling asleep in tents surrounded by peaks and waking up in the morning surrounded by chamois (or izards) and hearing the marmots.

    Anne Marie lives in the suburbs of Paris precisely between Paris and Versailles in a house overlooking the forest. She used to bike every morning along the Seine to reach the Genesys Office in Issy-les-Moulineaux to deliver training. Now she delivers courses virtually and likes it a lot. It's another form of contact with the students which requires the talents of an animator!

    Let us know if you've enjoyed classes with Anne Marie or have a memory that stands out!



    Kristi Croker
    Genesys - Employees
    Manager, Global Delivery

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