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New Year, New Community Member of the Month

  • 1.  New Year, New Community Member of the Month

    Posted 01-03-2020 09:28
    Edited by Cole Callahan 01-03-2020 09:28
    Hello everyone,

    2019 was an INCREDIBLE year for the Genesys Community, and we cannot thank you all enough for your constant support. Because of you, we have been able to try new things, such as hosting "Ask Me Anything" events, producing a Community Q&A Show, and even creating the Member of the Month recognition!

    Our team is always looking for ways to make the community experience better, and we love it when we receive feedback from our fellow members. There is one community member we want to recognize as our Community Member of the Month, and this individual has emailed the community on multiple occasions, providing great feedback on a few items including the Community Q&A Show episodes.  He even noticed a small trend in a few of the episodes, noting the alternating hats of our friend @George Ganahl . This individual is none other than @Matthew Calton.

    Matthew, thank you for your meaningful engagements with us. Keep "oozing awesomeness," as you would say! ;)

    P.S. - Here are some of the photos he emailed us! Enjoy!

    To nominate someone for the GCAP Community Member of the Month recognition, you can click here or email us at

    GCAP Members of the Month receive community-wide recognition and are awarded 5000 GCAP Points! You can sign up for GCAP by clicking here or you can learn more by emailing


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