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Password Requiremnt ldap users

  • 1.  Password Requiremnt ldap users

    Posted 06-17-2021 15:44

    Our system just recently moved from an 8 digit password requirement to a 10 digit password requirement.  We are experiencing an issue where users are getting locked out by repeated number of bad password attempts. The application is ldap configured and users log into WWE through Salesforce CRM.

    Has anyone experienced this issue or something similar?

    Does Genesys have a password maximum/minimum that could cause problems?

    Does Genesys have any limitations around special characters?

    Does the screen recording application store any passwords?

    UTF8 Short or long dashes caused a problem in the past, could this be causing an issue with passwords?

    What items are stored in the credential manager?

    And do any of them link to the ScreenRecordingClient service?

    thank you!


    Ahlam Rizk
    Henry Ford Health System