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Installation of CX Insights

  • 1.  Installation of CX Insights

    Posted 12-16-2019 03:55
    We are looking at installing CX Insights to replace Interactive Insights and there I have a couple of questions concerning the design of the system in the deployment guide.

    1.  PostgreSQL, this can be deployed using either the provided container or as a "external" installation.  If the installation is external are there any requirements apart from version, ie can it be installed on a Windows server, Linux Server or as a Container?  If it is deployed as a Container can we use the same Kubenetes Cluster?  Not being a PostgreSQL expert can you install it as a cluster for
    2.  If we use the provided PostgreSQL container, only one Container can be deployed on the Master Server, although it looks like this can be changed, what happens if the server the container is on fails for some reason?  Will the container be recreated on one of the other servers in the cluster?  If not what happens to the MicroStrategy system, e.g will it stop dashboards from displaying real time information?
    3.  Does the MicroStrategy License key have to be renewed once a year?  What is the procedure for obtaining this key if that is the case?
    4.  Is there any documentation to describe migration from the Interactive Insigts to CX Insights?  Most of the reports we use are custom reports and not based on the standard reports, is there any way to import these?


    Peter Weeks
    Sopra Steria AS Norway