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  • 1.  notifications in gax

    Posted 04-08-2022 07:50
    a customer asked me if it is possible to send notifications following a modification of a parameter or a group of parameters in gax ? do you have any ideas
    thanks in advance for your help


    Mahmoud Ben Ali
    Orange SA

  • 2.  RE: notifications in gax

    Posted 04-11-2022 09:57
    There isn't a way natively. 

    Some options could be:  1) a 3rd party application like BlackChair, Pointel, etc. 2) Log monitoring tools like Splunk, 3) create your own tool that scans the logs and triggers an email.  4) possibly have the database email you of GAX parameter table changes.

    Note:  If someone was to change the List Object directly, some of these options may not alert you of the change.

    Everything else I think of is too generic.

    Tony Morrow
    Sr. Genesys Engineer

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