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RONA definition

  • 1.  RONA definition

    Posted 01-12-2020 04:18
    We are trying to define RONA for the extensions, and we can't find detailed documentation on how to do  this,
    Maybe somebody has such documentation or can send us the detailed instructions?
    Is it possible to define on the "Station DN" level ? or it's only "General System" definition?
    Thanks for the help


    Best regards,

    Yvgeni Liberman

  • 2.  RE: RONA definition

    Posted 01-13-2020 09:08

    The simplest way I know of to produce a RONA behavior is to build one.  Typically, I have configured my SIP Server with "No-Answer Supervision", and written a strategy to produce whatever RONA behavior I was looking to adapt, although that is not strictly the only option provided to you.

    Please review the SIP Server Deployment Guide, Chapter 5: SIP Feature Support (No-Answer Supervision).  The configuration options are prefixed as follows:
    • agent-no-answer-<action/overflow/timeout>
    • ext-no-answer-<overflow/timeout>
    • pos-no-answer-<overflow/timeout>
    • no-answer-<action/overflow/timeout>

    This should allow you to define behaviors at the Agent level (on the Agent DN), Extension (on the Extension DN), Position (on the ACD Position DN), or Override (Not Supported on VoIP Service DN with service-type=Softswitch)

    Thank you,

    Ivan Ullmann
    Eventus Solutions Group