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WDE - Add button to chat toolbar

  • 1.  WDE - Add button to chat toolbar

    Posted 06-18-2021 08:06


    I'm currently learning wde customization and I came across issues to add a button on the chat interactions toolbar.
    I was able to do it for voice interactions using the region 'InteractionVoiceCustomButtonRegion' and the code

    new ViewActivator() { ViewType = typeof(IMyButtonView), ViewName = "myButton", ActivateView = true });

    but I don't find any region I could use to do the same for chat.

    Or should I use another, more general, region and somehow only display the button for chat interactions?
    If so, how can I achieve this?

    Otherwise, could a solution be to replace the InteractionChatToolbarView with a new one that inherits from it and integrates the new button?
    In that case, how could I get the object containing the buttons of the default toolbar so I can just insert a new button in it?

    Thanks in advance.

    Joan Bambi
    NTT Belgium NV/SA