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  • 1.  Emails & Chat wait time excluding after hours

    Posted 08-17-2021 15:23
    Hi dear community,

    I would like to know what we should we do to report the waiting time & Service Level for email & chat interactions, by excluding the non-working hours. Currently, in info mart and interactive insights queue reports I get the total time, including working & non working hours. 

    For example, My opening hours are Monday - Sunday, between 9-18. Let's assume that we receive an email at 19.00 in the evening. That email is answered next day at 10.00. Than the total wait time is between 19.00 and 10.00 next day => 15 hour. This is what I get in the reports from info mart & interactive insights.

    Instead of total wait time, i would like to get the waiting time during working hours (excluding the waiting time during non working hours). Does anybody knows what should be done?

    We have pure engage on premises and for reporting we use info mart (8.5.)


    Sorin Lionte
    Orange Romania SA

  • 2.  RE: Emails & Chat wait time excluding after hours

    Posted 08-26-2021 10:42
    Edited by Abdelrahman Yassen 08-29-2021 03:52
    In the workflow once you receive the interaction you have to check how many minutes left to the closing time and this should be used as routing timeout of your target then once the target timeout expires you need to check how many minutes left to the next opening time and store it in attached data called  "nonworking-minutes" for example which you can use later to subtract from the total time that you have already.

    You can repeat the above steps and keep adding the non working minutes to "nonworking-minutes" attached data until the interaction is answered .

    i hope this approach works for you !

    IST Networks UAE

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