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Interaction recording enhancements – Record ACD Agent consult calls

  • 1.  Interaction recording enhancements – Record ACD Agent consult calls

    Posted 03-04-2021 12:42

    Hello, Community members.

    Today we're happy to share our enhancements for the quality management capability! This improvement will be bringing to Quality management and interaction recording capabilities the opportunities to enable recording of ACD consult recording, which would improve the ability to perform quality evaluations and coaching.

    When line recording is enabled on the trunk, Admins with appropriate Telephony permissions can optionally enable recording of ACD consult recording. If enabled, the consult portion of the call will be recorded as part of the interaction when agents use the Consult Transfer option to speak to another agent prior to transferring a call.

    Key features:

    • View an interaction evaluation
    • Quality evaluation
    • Coaching
    • Interaction Recording


    Lear more about Quality management here

    For more information, see our Resource Center article. Record ACD agent consult calls.

    Remember, you can specialize and refine your skills through Genesys Beyond courses such as Genesys Cloud Quality Management and Genesys Cloud Recording and Quality Management Basics.



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