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  • 1.  Schedules

    Posted 03-17-2020 17:18
    Edited by Sal Barba 03-19-2020 09:54
    We have agents working from home and need to build activity to reflect a different color on their schedule. If we use an exception, it is impacting our headcount in Intra-day. Any tips?

    Sal Barba

  • 2.  RE: Schedules

    Posted 03-18-2020 10:48
    ​I would also be interested in the answer to this, along with any suggestions for setting up phone time for agents who help at peak times in other Sites on WFM (so it positively impacts headcount etc in Intra-day) :)

    Donna Cockrell
    Northumbrian Water

  • 3.  RE: Schedules

    Posted 08-26-2020 23:34
    I am not sure that a new activity is actually your best option. I may be misinterpreting your the details of your question, but it sounds as if you are still scheduling the agents for the same work. The only change is the location in which they are performing the work. If that is the case, you could actually implement a contract/shift strategy that would provide insight into when someone is working from home and leverage the naming convention of the contract and shift to understand which agents are eligible to work from home and on which days they are working from home. You would also avoid the issue of reducing your coverage in WFM by creating a completely separate activity. However, if another activity is required, you could leverage activity sets, which would provide the ability to apply a unique color to the activity set. You would then need to create an activity group that would combine the staffing of the current activity and the staffing of the newly created activity.

    Slate Burke
    Fidelity Brokerage Services, LLC

  • 4.  RE: Schedules

    GCAP Member
    Posted 08-27-2020 11:17
    We are also interested in obtaining this type of functionality. I submitted the following to the Ideas lab:

    I am not so sure I understand Slate's proposals above. Are these solutions part of the Genesys Cloud Workforce Management functionality? If so I would like to know more...​

    Paul Soulodre
    Alberta Motor Association