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Keeping Your Head: Make Sure Your Employees Are Safe, Engaged and Compliant During COVID-19

  • 1.  Keeping Your Head: Make Sure Your Employees Are Safe, Engaged and Compliant During COVID-19

    Posted 04-23-2020 16:08

    Right now, all of us are working to reduce uncertainty at a time when uncertainty is pretty much the only thing we're certain of. Companies worldwide have moved their workforce to their homes and some workers have even been placed in the contact center in order to remain on payroll, which certainly generates a shock to their routines. Aside from concerns about isolation and disease, many people are now dealing with job anxiety, pressure to perform perfectly, and difficulty balancing a work life that's being taken over by the personal-and vice versa.

    This is why implementing a work from home model in the contact center requires an approach that goes beyond just schedule adherence and performance KPI's and strives to maintain a feeling of normalcy and strengthened community.

    Here's a tip:

    Make A Schedule and Stick with It

    Just like in the physical contact center, agents and employees working from home need to maintain a sense of structure during their workday. Having a set time to begin work, take a break, receive training and clock out are still essential to keeping your workforce productive.

    We know, we know: with children and pets on the loose, not to mention the many distractions available in the home, sticking to task can be challenging for even the most focused of employees.

    It's important, then, to remain flexible as uncertain circumstances can cause schedules and forecasts to shift. Being able to adjust quickly will allow you to keep your contact center running smoothly, even when the most unexpected situations come up. ("Sorry, boss, my kid stuck a marble up his nose again.") This way, your virtual workforce plan will always be up to speed and will allow management to execute and adapt effectively.


    Do you have other tips for managing your contact center effectively during COVID-19?
    Let us know!


    Marcela Areiza
    Genesys - Employees