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Introducing Sentiment Analysis

  • 1.  Introducing Sentiment Analysis

    Posted 09-24-2020 15:07

    Hello, Community members.

    Today we're proud to announce the release of our new sentiment analysis feature for Genesys Cloud.

    Introducing Sentiment Analysis

    The new sentiment analysis feature enables you to understand a customer's attitude during an audio interaction based on the language used during the interaction. Sentiment analysis is performed on the transcript generated from the audio interaction. The knowledge collected as a result of gauging the customer provides valuable data about customer experiences, product and service reputation, and agent's competency.

    Key features

    • Sentiment markers – Markers are placed throughout the interaction overview and its corresponding transcript, tagged with a positive or negative sentiment number. They are located at the exact time the phrase began in the interaction overview waveform and at the beginning of the phrase in the transcript.
    • Overall customer sentiment – Represents the customer's overall sentiment from -100 to +100. It is a weighted average of all positive and negative markers within the specific interaction.
    • Sentiment trend – Represents an increase or decrease in the customer's attitude throughout the entire interaction.
    • Events panel – Contains 2 lists (positive and negative) of all the detected sentiment analysis markers together with their corresponding phrase.

    With this information, you can assess a customer's feelings towards your products, brands, and services. For example, you can use sentiment analysis results to search for a list of interactions with a high negative sentiment score to identify frustrated customer experiences, determine the root cause of the customer's frustration, provide them with the solution they need, and ultimately improve the customer's experience and agent performance.


    For more information, check out our Sentiment Analysis article in the Resource Center. And stay tuned for an upcoming video demonstration of sentiment analysis in action.

    Feel free to share your questions and comments by replying below.


    Rakesh Tailor
    Director, Product Management - Workforce Engagement
    Genesys Cloud