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The Next Step for Employee Experience: Moving from Workforce Optimization to Workforce Engagement Management

  • 1.  The Next Step for Employee Experience: Moving from Workforce Optimization to Workforce Engagement Management

    Posted 02-26-2020 13:18

    It's official: we're twenty years into the new millennium. And as we enter the new "roaring 20's", we've already started to see changes take hold-especially in the workplace. This applies doubly for the contact center floor, where a rising need to provide excellent customer service and experience meets the expectations of an increasingly demanding workforce with newer, more exacting generations that prioritize maintaining a work-life balance above simple monetary rewards.

    So how can companies adapt to these changes?

    Let's Talk "Engagement"

    You can usually tell when the person on the other side of your customer service call isn't properly trained, doesn't have the right tools at their disposal, or are just plain having a bad day. That's why it falls on companies to give their employees the tools and resources to provide the best service possible. Providing features and options that not only empower employees to manage their time but drive their own professional development is key to keeping younger generations engaged and lowering overall attrition in the contact center.

    What Does This Mean for the Genesys Community?

    It's time for a rebrand! The Workforce Optimization community is now the Workforce Engagement Management community. Our focus moving forward will be on keeping our community informed and knowledgeable about the challenges and solutions for building a high performing, engaged workforce using the functionalities delivered through Genesys Cloud and Genesys Engage.

    What will you find in the new Workforce Engagement Management community?

    • Discussions on all things Workforce Engagement
    • Updated content repository
    • Monthly updates on new features and releases
    • Questions answered
    • Much more!

    Meet the Team

    Supporting this new focus for the Workforce Engagement Management community is our team of administrators and moderators.

    And supporting our team is our group of WEM Experts, that span from product management, solutions consulting, professional services to sales.


    If you haven't already, join the Workforce Engagement Management community or get started by checking out our latest discussion "Back to Basics: Deciphering the WEM Code."





    Marcela Areiza
    Genesys - Employees