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  • 1.  Schedule History with WorkPlan Rotations

    Posted 12-14-2021 05:35
    Hi all,

    I am working with a customer who has come up against a challenge so wanting to reach out to the community to see if there are any known workarounds or a way to approach it.

    The scenario is: 

    The customer has to make some working hour contract changes to their agents starting in January. The customer has set the end date for their WPR but as you can only have an agent linked to one WorkPlan Rotation at any time even if you use start and end dates which don't conflict it means there is no historical record of how an agent was scheduled previously once their WorkPlan Rotation changes.

    Has anyone come up against this before that could offer some advice on how to keep the schedule history from the previous rotation?



    WEM Consultant
    IP Integration Ltd

  • 2.  RE: Schedule History with WorkPlan Rotations

    Posted 12-15-2021 09:30
    Hi Gerrard,

    when scheduling we look back at the previous schedules for the employee to ensure that the current Work Plan constraints are adhered to.
    • Last shift start time
    • Last shift end time
    • Next shift start time (if it exists already)
    • Consecutive working days
    • Consecutive working weekends
    • Current planning period days off
    • Current planning periods paid time

    Are all considered when transitioning from the "old" schedule to the "new" be this a new Schedule generation on the same WP, a new WP/WPR or an amended WP/WPR. 

    Hope that this helps,

    Paul Wood
    Genesys - Employees

  • 3.  RE: Schedule History with WorkPlan Rotations

    Posted 12-15-2021 11:25
    Edited by Gerard McGlynn 12-15-2021 11:25
    Thanks for the response Paul.

    The issue here is that when they move over to the new WP/WPR from their old one it starts again as if the agent hasn't been scheduled before due to the WP not matching what was assigned at that point to the agent.

    All constraints are met and validated and the start and end dates of the WPR's do not clash so it should be a smooth transition.

    Thanks again.

    WEM Consultant
    IP Integration Ltd