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  • 1.  Vacation Bidding?

    Posted 08-28-2020 10:31
    ​Hello -

    We currently do quarterly shift bids based on a ranking and that works perfect for us.

    We are wondering if anyone has tried to do this for vacation bids and if it could be done in rounds.

    example: you set up X amount of spots off for days around holidays, you rank your bidders, once the spots are full on a particular day if the next person to bid wanted that day as their first choice it would automatically go to their second choice and allow them to get that day off as long as spots are still available for it. this goes on until you reach the last person, starts over with the first bidder and looks at their second choice, so on and so on.

    Right now we are currently having to have bidders fill out a bid sheet and do it manually.

    Thank you in advance.

    William Greenwood
    Workforce Management
    OGE Energy Corp