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Enhanced Agent Mobility Capabilities Announced

  • 1.  Enhanced Agent Mobility Capabilities Announced

    Posted 10-06-2020 13:58

    Hello, Community members.

    Today we're happy to share our advancements in our agent mobility capabilities. Now agents will be even more empowered to take charge of their time management and truly achieve a work life balance.

    Enhancing Agent Mobility Capabilities

    Being able to plan and manage their time, regardless of location, is essential to the modern-day contact center employee. Our latest feature releases include the launch of our WFM app, Genesys TempoTM, for the iOS operating system and increased support for agents that sync their schedule with an external calendar. Additionally, a "location" field option allows agents to leverage tools such as Waze or Google Maps to get to their workplace on time.

    Key features

    • Genesys Tempo for iOS – Agents can now view their workforce management schedules, and submit and view time off requests, on iOS devices, in addition to Android devices. Future releases will include shift trading and push notifications.
    • QR code in the external calendar capability – mobile users could easily get and use the WFM schedule link.
    • Calendar events on Android/iOS have a "location" field – The agent's Collaborate location is used as the default location which automatically syncs to the agent's external calendar. This way, native apps such as Waze or Google Maps can inform the user when they need to leave to reach their destination based on local traffic patterns.


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    Christopher Johnson
    Genesys - Employees