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Diving in: Speech and text Analytics

  • 1.  Diving in: Speech and text Analytics

    Posted 02-03-2021 13:58
    Edited by Natalia Abad 06-09-2021 13:13
    We've mentioned our Genesys Cloud WEM disciplines before, and we have done a zoom into them to understand the capabilities that each of them comprises and how they work together. Last year in August we talk about Quality assurance and compliance discipline and what it had to offer, todaywe're going to dive into Speech and text analytics capabilities as during this month we will be releasing our Topic manager and Topic spotting feature.

    In Context
    Quality assurance and compliance discipline
    It makes part of our comprehensive Genesys WEM cloud solution, and it aims to ensure all contact center interactions are handled with the highest quality, speed, and efficiency, gaining insights into events, surfacing opportunities for improvement, recognition, or concern, and better protect customers and businesses by meeting the requirements from compliance regulators across the globe.
    Speech and text analytics capability
    Is a set of features that provide automated analysis of interaction content, in 100% of the interactions handle, helping extract from specific phrases the occurrence of key events to provide deep insight into customer-agent conversations, customer experience, agent performance, sales, and compliance.

    Features include:

    Available for GC3

    Let set the stage:
    How this features work together

    To understand how Topic manager and topic spotting work we need to have a look into the other feature and how they work together.
    Voice transcription:
    It's the process from where an audio interaction turns into text - a text representation of words spoken and provides a view into the interaction between the customer and internal participants (that is, IVR, ACD, agent, conference, or voicemail).
    Interaction overview
    Is the visual representation of the interaction between the participants and provides an overview of the events that occurred throughout the interaction.
    Within the interactions overview interface, you have access to the interaction itself where you can playback and review it, the details of the interaction and the participants, the timeline, access to the quality summary for survey and evaluation, the transcription, and the audit trail.
    Here is where thing becomes interesting, in this UI you have the interaction to playback, review and its transcription;. In the transcript you’re also, able to see the tone of the conversation as the sentiment markers are displayed in the transcription.
    Sentiment Analysis
    This is the interpretation and classification of phrases within an interaction based on the attitude expressed by the customer (positive, negative, and neutral). By capturing the sentiment of the customer's phrases, users can gain valuable insight into the customer's experience, product, service reputation, and agent's competency, to improve service delivery.

    Features include:

    • Sentiment markers
    • Overall customer sentiment 
    • Sentiment trend
    • Events panel
    Topic manager and topic spotting:
    Topics are a collection of phrases, a grammatical unit containing an idea or statement; together topics create programs that indicate a business level intent detected, based on the Queue or Flow.

    Features include:

    • Phrases
    • Topics
    • Programs
    This takes us to Topic Manager and Topic Spotting, so review our next zoom into to learn about it.
    A little learning goes a long way

    Of course, this is just a short preview on Quality Assurance and Compliance. Remember, you can specialize and refine your skills through Genesys Beyond courses. And you can always learn more about quality management in our Genesys Resource Center.
    Help my PureCloud Quality Assurance & Compliance Resources


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