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TIPOFF TUESDAY #3 | Quality Management & Coaching Scavenger Hunt

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  • 1.  TIPOFF TUESDAY #3 | Quality Management & Coaching Scavenger Hunt

    Posted 27 days ago
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    Hey, WEM Community Hunters!

    Hope you haven't been waiting too long. We're already halfway through our QM Scavenger Hunt and time is of the essence; So, let's jump right into our Tip Off Tuesday.


    WEM Community moderators have their quirks! They're certainly not your run-of-the-mill Community members. In our last Ask Me Anything we got to know their likes a little better, and even discovered their favorite movie to watch at a drive-in!

    You know me, I love me some gore… but our favorite WEM Global Sales Director, Robert Beasley's, pick will have you looking up at the sky!

    👷‍♂️ 🌌 🚀 👦


    That was pretty easy, right? Time to get scavenging! 

    Happy hunting!

    Marcela Areiza
    Genesys - Employees