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    Posted 05-07-2024 12:26

    Leading in the AI Era Means Rethinking Executive Roles

    AI is changing everything, including your C-suite.  

    We're still in the early days of the AI era, and it's already been a whirlwind of change. The impact of artificial intelligence on business has been undeniable and impressive. And it's just getting started.

    Among organizations that have already seen success with AI, most have aimed for greater efficiency and productivity with point solutions that target narrow use cases. Banks have used AI to identify fraud. Human resources departments are using AI to respond to job seekers' basic questions. Even law firms have sped up contract drafting with AI - so much for billable hours. In each of these cases, AI allows organizations to do more at a lower cost.

    The impact on customer and employee experience has been especially significant. Customers increasingly engage with intelligent bots. Agents get real-time AI support as they engage with customers. Workforce planners get faster, more accurate forecasting. Managers can target improvement efforts and personalize professional development. And they can initiate employee recognition with real-time performance insights and holistic views into the entire operation.

    In this brave new AI-powered world, brands can orchestrate experiences that drive loyalty for customers and employees - at scale – and improve the bottom line.

    During all this change, we barely have time to consider what's next, let alone what the long-term impacts will be. But we should; the next round of changes will be much bigger, and they're coming fast.

    We're on the cusp of a fundamental transformation in how we do business. And that means we need to evolve how we lead. It's time to reimagine the executive team for the age of AI.

    What's Next for AI: Challenges and Opportunities

    Artificial intelligence is lightening workloads across industries and job functions, and we are just now beginning to consider the implications of all the efficiency it's creating. That leaves business leaders with the question of whether to reduce the workforce or redeploy it. The answer isn't always that simple.

    Consider the customer experience. Quick resolutions and the convenience to connect on any channel at any time is now the baseline expectation for all brands. And as AI adoption matures beyond efficiency to proactive personalized engagement, customer expectations will rise even higher.

    At the same time, as AI handles more customer interactions, there are fewer human touchpoints in the customer experience. The growing prevalence of automated the full blog here



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