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Zoom into: Quality Assurance and Compliance

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    Posted 08-11-2020 15:10
    Edited by Marcela Areiza 09-10-2020 13:46

    We've mentioned our Genesys Cloud WEM disciplines before, but what do each one of these mean? In this short series, we'll be taking a magnifying glass to each of our disciplines to give you a deeper understanding of how our full capability suite works together to deliver the best workforce engagement solution.

    Let's kick off our exploration with:

    Quality Assurance & Compliance

    If you participated in our recent Quality Management Scavenger Hunt, you may have an idea of what this discipline entails.

    Imagine this:

    Your contact center deals in outstanding customer experiences. For your customers, a truly helpful, timely and effective interaction is not a benefit, but an absolute necessity. Moreover, interactions not only need to be successful but need to adhere to both corporate and governmental policies.


    Solution: Close monitoring and evaluation.


    But how do you increase the efficiency of your evaluation process? How do you ensure compliance requirements are met, and that interactions are managed and evaluated throughout all channels?


    Enter Genesys Cloud WEM's Quality Assurance & Compliance.


    What does Quality Assurance & Compliance offer?

    The Genesys CloudTM Workforce Engagement Management suite delivers a consolidated platform for recording and quality management with end-to-end recording and rich interaction metadata. Its capabilities include:

    • Interaction Recording
      Leverages existing components within the platform to power recording. It also supports voice and digital channels including callback to increase compliance, decrease risk and evaluate all

      Features include:
      • Single and dual-channel call recording
      • Long term cloud storage
      • Permission-based playback access
      • Policy-based recording retention
      • Recording audit trail
      • Secure Pause

    • Screen Recording
      Helps determine how effectively agents handle interactions and helps identify why certain types of interactions take longer to handle than others, how well agents understand the applications and how agents handle multiple overlapping interactions

      Features include:
      • Synchronized playback of interactions
      • Multi-screen recording (Coming in September)

    • Quality Management
      Assess overall quality handling of interactions for all communication channels. Focus on empowering supervisors, quality evaluators and agents.

      Features include:
      • Role-based access to recording and evaluation
      • Evaluation from designer
      • Multiple question types
      • Evaluation assignment process and notifications
      • Calibration processes
      • Faceted evaluation search
      • Coaching in Quality Management

    This last one is a bit of a unique breed of feature where disciplines like Quality Assurance & Compliance and Employee Performance (which we'll cover in a later post) overlap!

    • Voice of the Customer and Employee
      Gauges your customers' and employees' experiences after an interaction and captures feedback automatically.

      Features include

      • Survey creation
      • Creation of flow for surveys
      • Invitation email, including sender, receiver and email body
      • Policy creation to determine when Genesys Cloud sends surveys
      • Visibility into survey status and completed survey responses.

    • Speech and Text Analytics
      Provides organizations the ability to extract from the content specific phrases that indicate the occurrence of key events related to customer experience, agent performance, sales, and compliance.

      Features include:
      • Full call transcription of voice interactions (Coming this month!)
      • Transcript and content search
      • Sentiment analysis: market and search (Coming this month!)
      • Topic manager and tagging spotting (Coming in November)
      • Acoustic analysis
      • Analytics views
      • Dashboards

    "Okay", I hear you say skeptically, "but what's so special about this discipline?"

    Well, with Genesys CloudTM Quality Assurance and Compliance, processes are built together from the beginning to ensure that all interactions are handled seamlessly in a way that's both effective and efficient. To do so we leverage:

    Automation everywhere

    Gone are the days of traditional evaluation techniques that rely on manual search, selection and assignment of evaluations! You can now manage recordings and coordinate calibrations by creating quality policies that scale.

    Evaluation scoring

    Getting more accurate and consistent agent evaluations is easier than ever. Using scoring features and coaching comments within evaluation forms allows for better understanding and implementation of a more balanced scoring model.

    Integrated workflows

    Manage all your quality processes in one fell swoop. Supervisors and quality managers can easily access interaction recordings, perform quality evaluations, schedule coaching, and assign learning and assessment items from a single location for all channels.



    Not to mention, that AI-powered capabilities such as sentiment analysis and speech and text analytics are poised to become essential tools in the quality management process.

    A little learning goes a long way…

    Of course, this is just a short preview on Quality Assurance and Compliance. Remember, you can specialize and refine your skills through Genesys Beyond courses such as Genesys Cloud Quality Management and Genesys Cloud Recording and Quality Management Basics. And you can always learn more about quality management in our Genesys Resource Center.


    If you have any questions, comments, or would just like to learn more about this discipline, be sure to leave us a comment below!


    Marcela Areiza
    Product Marketing/Management Manager
    Genesys - Employees