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📣📢 2nd of WEMay 📢📣

  • 1.  📣📢 2nd of WEMay 📢📣

    Posted 05-02-2023 06:23
    Edited by Tracy Vickers 05-02-2023 07:21

    Hey Everyone, it's the 2nd Day of WEM 😉
    If you weren't aware there are 3 amazing disciplines in the Genesys Cloud Workforce Engagement Management Suite!

    Today, let's learn more about
    Quality Assurance and Compliance

    Improve customer and employee experiences with great quality assurance tools. Start by getting deeper insights into interactions. Use
    them to improve your operational efficiency, meet customer expectations and more


    Interaction recording

    Learn from each interaction with automated tracking across all channels: voice, chat, email and messaging.

    Speech and text analytics

    Find patterns in what customer and employees are saying with transcription and sentiment analysis.

    Screen recording

    See a full view of employee activity to stay compliant.

    Quality management

    Easily spot key insights and schedule coaching sessions using automated quality assurance processes.

    Voice of the customer and employee

    Bring customer feedback to employees with web-based voice of the customer survey support for all interaction types.

    What are the benefits?

    Basically, track more interactions with less effort

    Automation everywhere

    Say goodbye to traditional evaluation techniques that rely on manually searching, selecting and assigning evaluations. Manage recordings and coordinate calibrations with quality policies that scale.

    Evaluation scoring

    Get more accurate and consistent agent evaluations. It's easy to understand and implement a more balanced scoring model using features within the evaluation form - and add coaching comments, too.

    360-degree views

    Supervisors and quality evaluators can access interaction recordings, perform quality evaluations, schedule coaching, and assign learning and assessment items from a single location for all channels.

    There is Quality Assurance & Compliance in a nutshell 😀

    Over to you:
    Did you know all of its features? 
    Do you use any or all of the features? How do they benefit your day to day work day?

    Let us know in the comments below – we value your insights, so don't be shy! 

    Don't forget to check out tomorrow - we will be covering Resource Management.

    And don't forget to post your questions to be asked on our Q&A episode later this month and make sure you are all knowledgeable (what a strange word to spell!) for our WEM Trivia Tower at the end of the month - there can only be 1 winner (or is there!!!!)



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