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Promote the Power of your Quality Management Program

  • 1.  Promote the Power of your Quality Management Program

    Posted 04-13-2020 12:36
    Over the past few weeks, companies from around the globe have had to shift their focus to establishing a work-from-home infrastructure for their employees.  Even companies that already had a strong work-from-home culture in the contact center, have had to focus on bringing everyone outside of the contact center into a work-from-home environment.  As companies make the successful transition into this new virtual world, they will need to take advantage of the technology, tools, and solutions available to ensure they are continually driving success. 
    Your Genesys Quality Management solution is one of those key solutions that will allow your organization to continue driving success in the new virtual world.  Now more than ever, it is important to understand what your customers are asking of your business.  It is equally as important that your employees are responding appropriately, and your customer needs are being met.
    With so much change happening at such a rapid pace, you have a golden opportunity to promote the power of your quality management program.  Now is the time to invite others into your world and make them become a vested part of what you (and your team) are trying to accomplish.  
    For most people outside of the quality program, and certainly outside of the contact center, quality management is seen as simply being a task we must do just because.  By bringing others into your quality world, you will not only drive up interest in your program, but you will increase the visibility for you (and your team) across the organization. 
    Evangelizing your Quality Program
    While there are a multitude of ways in which you could begin to evangelize your quality program, below are a list of ideas to get you started:
    • Make a list of all areas of the business (marketing, sales, HR, etc.)
      • Identify a primary point of contact for each of these business units. 
    • Outline the approach you want to take with these business units and develop a corresponding game plan. 
      • Are you going to ask them to?
        • evaluate 'X' number of contacts per agent
        • evaluate a specific type of contact(s)
        • find their own contacts or give them pre-identified contacts
        • participate in any calibration exercises
    • Establish a time frame for the exercise. (i.e. first week of the quarter)
    • Send a formal calendar invite to your key contacts and present the program
    • Allow existing QA team members to act as mentors who will work directly with they key contacts throughout the exercise
    By bringing others into your quality program, you will start to build a bridge between the quality team and other integral parts of the business.  Take advantage of this time to solicit feedback and get input from everyone who participates.  Do not do this exercise solely for the sake of doing it.  Make a point of identifying opportunities for improvement both inside and outside the quality team and take action.  Make people feel like they are a part of what you are trying to accomplish and be willing to learn from one another.


    Robert Beasley
    Global Director, Strategic Solutions
    Genesys - Employees

  • 2.  RE: Promote the Power of your Quality Management Program

    Posted 04-15-2020 09:53
    Well stated, Robert.  Next generation Quality Strategies are deploying automated capabilities and driving even further efficiencies.  But beyond speed/cost gains, more detailed, relevant and actionable insights are being surfaced as Quality programs move to more mainstream positions inside a CX org.

    Paul Beyer
    Genesys - Employees