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PureCloud WFM: What you should be noticing

  • 1.  PureCloud WFM: What you should be noticing

    Posted 10-31-2018 14:04
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    Hi PureCloud WFM users-  We've announced the roll out of a new agent scheduler in PureCloud WFM, and you should have noticed something strange with it:  it is *much* faster than before.

    We've been working on improving the scheduling algorithms for some time, and are very excited that you all have, in your current system, this new scheduling algorithm.

    In a nutshell, what we've done is create a machine learning system, to more accurately predict abandons, service levels, and average speeds of answer, and have embedded these algorithms in the schedule optimization system.  They solve in one step, unlike most of the schedule optimizers available in the market.  From an algorithm development perspective, this approach is something special, it utilizes the best of AI approaches, the power of cloud computing, and a special twist in mathematical optimization.  It truly is state-of-the art.

    What this means to you, is that you should notice a speed improvement, especially if your operation is more complex.  Further, the coverage of the shifts should be better, it solves truly mathematically optimal.

    When we were testing the scheduler, we ran side by side comparisons between the old method (which was good) and the new method.  The results were fantastic, with solve times going from hours to a few minutes.  I'm attaching a slide with a graph of the speed improvements.

    I am curious what your experience is with this, and whether you've noticed any improvements.

    We are very proud of this work. (Kudos to Genesys' Jay Langsford and Wei Xun Ter)


    Ric Kosiba