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Coaching - Add interaction to existing coaching appointment

  • 1.  Coaching - Add interaction to existing coaching appointment

    Posted 10-28-2020 10:30
    Feature News

    Hello, Community members.

    Today we have released a new feature in our Genesys Cloud Coaching capabilities. This new enhancement allows supervisors and quality managers to deliver more effective coaching sessions by taking into consideration multiple interactions.

    Introducing Multiple Interaction Coaching

    Quality administrators, evaluators, or supervisors can now add an interaction to an existing coaching appointment for anyone involved in the interaction. This ability eliminates the need to create multiple coaching appointments if additional interactions need to be added after the initial appointment is made.

    Key features
    • Multifunction Schedule Coaching button – Create new coaching sessions or add interactions to existing sessions.
    • Add multiple interactions without having to edit a Coaching session – Get the information from multiple interactions without having to copy and paste IDs.

    Screenshot 1

    Screenshot 2

    Genesys Cloud Coaching enables quality managers and team supervisors to schedule appointments with agents to provide coaching to help close gaps and drive improvements. By allowing supervisors to add multiple interactions without having to edit a coaching session, this features eliminates the need to locate all the interactions in advance of creating the session, and copying and pasting the interaction ID for each interaction that is to be covered in the Coaching session.


    For more information, see (Resource Center article). Or check out our video demonstration of adding interactions to an existing coaching in action in the WEM Community library.


    Feel free to share your questions and comments by replying below.


    Paul Wood
    Genesys - Employees