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Can changing SSG affect Agent Adherence Report

  • 1.  Can changing SSG affect Agent Adherence Report

    Posted 06-23-2020 00:51

    We have a customer go live a few days ago. However they did not have a reason code called 'NotReadyForCall Lunch' available on the day. Agents used other reason codes, such as 'NotReadyForCall Unplanned Break', for instance, during their lunch break. Agent Adherence Report was run on the same day and it listed all the users as not adherent during their lunch.

    The 'NotReadyForCall Lunch' was added in later and was later available for selection by agents. The relevant Schedule State Group (SSG) was updated to include Adherence Rules of 'NotReadyForCall Lunch'.

    I tested this and found that if I made the change in the SSG on the same day to make the agents adherent, this is reflected in the Agent Adherence Report. However if this change is made the following day, then the report will not be reflect this change? Is there any way to amend this now?


    Cherith Law
    Telstra Corporation Ltd