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Latitude Reg-F Beta-2 Release Availability Update.

  • 1.  Latitude Reg-F Beta-2 Release Availability Update.

    Posted 11-11-2021 14:59

    Dear Latitude Clients,

    We are pleased announce that Beta-2 for Latitude V10 SU09, V11 SU01 and Liquid 2020-R2 for customer testing. The Beta-2 for Version 10 SU10 will be released tomorrow.

     Please open a Care ticket if you have not already done so to obtain the latest patches.

    Resolved Issues from Beta-1

    • Warnings panel content for Validation notice data in non-standard format (YYYY-MM-DD)
    • Event for Validation given verbally does not show customer name
    • Phones Add/Edit dialog should not change layout when browser zoom ration changed
    • Warnings panel not observing administration settings
    • Itemization Balance query folders, 2 folders and date type only in 2nd
    • Letter Console - Print DUN - Compliance panel ->Validation notice is not updated
    • Compliance Panel - Phone preferences show 24hr clock, change to AM/PM
    • Mail Return is not generating an Event on the account
    • Account Warnings Showing Debtors Not Associated to Account
    • Email Consent - Granted Checkbox, Comment, and Save Error
    • Updating Phone Preferences not Updating Compliance Panel
    • "Debtor has Restrictions" button does not flash red and cannot be clicked
    • Notes being added after Updating Phone Preferences
    • Compliance panel -> Validation Notice -> shows "no validation notice" message though there is a validation notice info
    • Issues found in the [dbo].[Receiver_SelectDemographicUpdatesReadyForFile] stored procedure.
    • Error when Importing Corrected ADEM file on Client Side
    • Issues with Itemization Balance update not updating principal correctly
    • Itemization Details Panel Data Formatting

     Known Issues for Beta-2 which will be remediated prior to final release.

    • All Versions
      • When the consent to call again is made, notes is not being logged.
      • In the contact made window, there is a bug with respect to Linked Accounts. System displays the linked accounts though the account itself is not linked.
      • If the consent to call again is checked in the contact made window, compliance panel -> Attempts and conversations is not updated correctly.
      • Database -> Debtors table is not updating the following columns - LastCallAttemptDate, TotalCallAttempts , NextAllowableCallattemptdate, NextAllowableCallReason correctly.
      • From Phones panel, upon adding quick notes / adding notes from notes panel when we select the Result code that has "contact made" flag enabled, then system should pop up the contact made window accordingly.
    • Version 11
      • In Debtor Detail panel , after entering consent to email and work indicators – cannot save the details.
      • In Debtor Detail panel ,the fields from consent to email is not aligned properly.
      • While saving the co-debtor, you will see an error.
      • While adding the new phone for a co-debtor, null reference exception is thrown.
      • In QueryConditions Tool : The parameters -AllowedToday, AllowedTomorrow returns always true, which should be calculated as per Attempts, Conversations and Consent given.

     Thank you,




    Jeff Calnan
    Genesys - Employees
    Customer Success Manager