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Reg F Update for Post Final 1 ES --> PLEASE REVIEW

  • 1.  Reg F Update for Post Final 1 ES --> PLEASE REVIEW

    Posted 11-23-2021 13:22

    Dear Latitude Clients,

    This a Reg-F Post for Latitude v10 SU9, SU10 and V11 SU1 and Liquid Latitude 2020R2 On-Premise Customers,

    We are targeting the next Reg F Patch release to address known defects by Friday, November 26th. This will be a cumulative ES and will require a DBUpdate.  This does not require any of the previous Reg F patches to be installed..  We will create a new folder on the same SFTP site called "Reg F Patch Post Final 1" where you can download the installation files, installation instructions document, release notes and known issues list once available.  Please read all the documents thoroughly prior to deploying in your UAT environments. Please perform thorough testing prior to deploying this patch in your production environments.  

    We will update the known issues list document on the SFTP site by the end of the day today, so you can review which defects should be resolved in this release.  We will send another email Friday when the new patch is available on the SFTP.   

    Username: SFTP473533
    Password: Genesys@2021 (Do not copy and paste)

    Don't forget we will be hosting another "War Room" open Zoom meeting on Saturday, Nov 27th for customers to join if they experience issues deploying the patch. We will be sending out the invite with further details later this week.

    Thank you,



    Jeff Calnan
    Genesys - Employees
    Customer Success Manager