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  • 1.  Reg-F Release Schedule Change for the Beta-2 update

    Posted 11-08-2021 12:03
    Dear Latitude Clients,

    This is an update on release schedule for Beta-2 and Reg-F

    The Beta-2 release for the Regulation-F functionality for Latitude originally scheduled for Monday 8th will delayed until Wednesday 10th to allow time to complete testing of the Attempt and Conversation management components ("7 in 7") and to remediate identified issues from Beta-1.

     We strongly advise all customers who will be subject to Reg-F requirements to install and test the Beta-2 release to ensure you are prepared for the systemic changes being implemented.

    Thank you.


    Jeff Calnan
    Genesys - Employees
    Customer Success Manager

  • 2.  RE: Reg-F Release Schedule Change for the Beta-2 update

    Posted 11-08-2021 14:55
    Hi Jeff,

    Is there a consolidated list of known defects that users can access so that we aren't testing/reporting things that might be fixed in the next release?


    Dan Barber
    Reliant Capital Solutions, LLC