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  • 1.  Reg-F Beta-1 Known Issues

    Posted 11-08-2021 20:12
    Below is a consolidated list of known issues from the Beta-1 release, these are either remediated or will be addressed in Beta-2

    Version Description Status
    Latitude V10 Itemization Balance query folders, 2 folders and date type only in 2nd Patched
    Liquid Letter Console - Print DUN - Compliance panel ->Validation notice is not updated Patched
    Liquid / Latitude V10 Compliance Panel - Phone preferences show 24hr clock, change to AM/PM Patched
    Liquid Mail Return is not generating an Event on the account Patched
    Latitude V10 Unable to Open Accounts in Workform Customer did not run dbUpdate
    Latitude V10 Account Warnings Showing Debtors Not Associated to Account Patched
    Latitude V10 Email Consent - Granted Checkbox & Comment show on all tabs, and Save Error Patched
    Latitude V10 Updating Phone Preferences not Updating Compliance Panel Patched
    Latitude V10 "Debtor has Restrictions" button does not flash red and cannot be clicked Patched
    Latitude V10 Notes being added after Updating Phone Preferences In Progress
    Latitude V10 Compliance panel -> Validation Notice -> shows "no validation notice" message though there is a validation notice info In Progress
    Latitude V10 Issues found in the [dbo].[Receiver_SelectDemographicUpdatesReadyForFile] stored procedure. Accepted
    Latitude V10 Error when Importing Corrected ADEM file on Client Side Accepted
    Latitude V10 Issues withh the Itemization Details Panel, Itemization balances not updating correctly In Review
    Latitude V10 Issues when adding phone numbers to an account Accepted
    Latitude V10 Additional Itemization Details Panel Errors for Linked Accounts Pending
    Latitude V10 Verbal Validation generates error Pending
    Latitude V10 Exchange Errors when previewing and loading accounts with phone preferences Pending


    Ian Winder
    Business Owner - Latitude by Genesys

  • 2.  RE: Reg-F Beta-1 Known Issues

    Posted 11-09-2021 15:57

    I was asked by customer care to post some of the questions we have to the community board. any assistance would be appreciated.

    • What kicks off the procedure: sp_ValidationNotice_UpdateWhenMailReturned?
    • Is there a stored procedure that needs to be updated to kick off the procedure listed above?

    April Thornton
    Project Coordinator
    Manager ED Administrative Services
    Reliant Capital Solutions, LLC

  • 3.  RE: Reg-F Beta-1 Known Issues

    Posted 11-10-2021 07:09
    Edited by Karthikkeyan Vijayan 11-10-2021 07:29
    Hi April,
    Reg "sp_ValidationNotice_UpdateWhenMailReturned"
    • This procedure will clear validation notice fields using the debtor as an input parameter.
    • Usage: After clicking Mail-Return ,it should update validation-notice update.

    Let me know if this answers your query.

    FYI: [LAT-11148] - New Feature "Mail Return Functionality"
    As a business, we need to configure the setting to ensure that mail return on validation notice invalidates Validation sent

    - Mail Return on Validation Notice invalidates Validation Sent
    -.- Clears Validation Notice Send Date & Validation Period End Date on Master Table and sets Validation Period Completed Flag to False

    Explanation: If the letter is sent and it has been returned then you need to be able to set the indicator that the validation letter has not been sent.
    In V10 if mail return is posted on the account and its inside the validation period it needs to clear everything.


    Karthikkeyan Vijayan
    Genesys - Employees