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Reg-F Letter Vendor File Format Changes

  • 1.  Reg-F Letter Vendor File Format Changes

    Posted 11-10-2021 16:14
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    In order to support the new requirements for Itemization details and Validation period the standard letter vendor file format has been modified to append this data on each record. The attached spreadsheet contains the entire record layout, please ensure the vendor you are using for generation of letters is aware of these changes.

    New columns added are:

    ItemizationDate (Itemization Date)
    ItemizationDateType (Text description of itemization date type used)
    ItemizationBalance0 (Total balance as of itemization date)
    ItemizationBalance1 (Principal since itemization date)
    ItemizationBalance2 (Interest applied since itemization date)
    ItemizationBalance3 (Fees/Charges since itemization date)
    ItemizationBalance4 (Payments/Credits since itemization date)
    ItemizationBalance5 (Other - Not currently used)
    ValidationPeriodExpiration (Validation Period end date)


    Ian Winder
    Business Owner - Latitude by Genesys