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Team roster view

  • 1.  Team roster view

    Posted 02-28-2017 23:32

    Hi all,

    Currently our staff are only able to view their own rosters. This makes it difficult when they need to organise a shift swap, or understand who is rostered on at a particular point.

    Other than giving all staff access to work force planning, is there a way for the staff to view all others and their rosters for the schedule they belong to?

  • 2.  RE: Team roster view

    GCAP Member
    Posted 03-13-2017 23:02

    This is also incredibly difficult from a team leader perspective. Not being able to seperate your own staff from others makes it difficult to see rosters.

    This whole visability needs to be looked into and reworked to be useable in a Contact Centre

  • 3.  RE: Team roster view

    Posted 03-15-2017 16:29

    Hi Heather,

    I have added an item on the roadmap for the ability for agents to have a read-only view of the management unit's published schedules.


    Hi Timm,

    If the agents are not working on shared load across the teams, then I would suggest breaking up the management unit into multiple management  units to reflect the team structure. If they are working on shared load, then you could filter the schedule view by queues, skills, or languages. PureCloud does not have a concept of Team, but when it does we will add it as a filtering mechanism throughout workforce management.

  • 4.  RE: Team roster view

    Posted 11-19-2020 06:32
    Hi Jay,

    We have sorta the same issue as both Heather and Timm.

    As of now, our team leaders have to go into each of the team members schedule to view their day/week (those leaders should not have access to WFM)

    Is it a way to view the whole Business Units/Management units schedule without having WFM permission?

    Mats Mossing
    Lowell Norge AS

  • 5.  RE: Team roster view

    Posted 11-24-2020 22:51

    Not sure if this helps anyone, but one way we get around this issue is to create dummy queues for each of our team leaders and assign their agents to those queues.

    In the schedule view you can then filter by queue and see only that teams agents - great for team meetings!

    Our team managers also have view only access to the schedules, so cannot make changes but can view all published schedules.

    Andrew Doller
    Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Australia Pty Ltd