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  • 1.  Interaction Details Report "Direction" field

    Posted 01-11-2017 16:43

    In the Interaction Details Report, there is a "Direction" field. Where can I find a detailed explanation of the "Inbound/Outbound" value in this field? Why is an Interaction being classified as Inbound/Outbound? I thought I understood it, but.....I don't.

  • 2.  RE: Interaction Details Report "Direction" field

    Posted 01-11-2017 16:53

    Hi Matt,


    Inbound/outbound means that a conversation had multiple parts, and some of them were inbound while others were outbound. A number of situations could cause that. Here's the definition from the image map in the article about that report, which has an example


    "Inbound/outbound indicates that the conversation had multiple parts that were of opposing directions. For example, an outbound call to a queue's external IVR contains both inbound and outbound segments."


    I think that you could also look at the timeline tab for a specific interaction to get a better idea of why a particular interaction is listed as inbound/outbound:

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