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Issues with PureCloud on Salesforce Lightning

  • 1.  Issues with PureCloud on Salesforce Lightning

    Posted 02-24-2019 17:54
    Edited by Peter Dimatulac 02-24-2019 17:54
    Hi All

    We have recently deployed Salesforce Lightning for a a test group and we are seeing a number of issues within the PureCloud widget.

    Close to 100% of interactions are displaying the following error message: "Failed to Save An Interaction Log"

    This issue only persists in Lightning and can be resolved by reverting back to Salesforce Classic.

    I have read over the Salesforce Lightning article: Salesforce Lightning Experience - PureCloud Resource Center

    The article mentions that "agents must have write access to fields that are used in Activity Field Mapping". I have granted this permission to all the activity fields although the issue still occurs.

    Hoping someone who has deployed Lightning and shed some light on how this can be resolved.

    I've logged this with PureCloud support although they are extremely slow to respond so hoping for a quicker solution through here.



    Peter Dimatulac
    BizCover Workforce Optimisation Manager Australia

  • 2.  RE: Issues with PureCloud on Salesforce Lightning

    Posted 10-27-2020 14:47
    Edited by Chase Hamby 10-27-2020 14:50
    Hey all,

    We are running into this same issue now. I see this topic is from 2019, but I'm hoping someone may be able to offer up a solution.

    We have reviewed this article several times and have ensured all of the right permissions have been granted but continuing to see this issue.

    This is also happening to 100% of all interactions within Salesforce Lightning, but once the user switches over to classic, the error doesn't occur. Unfortunately, we are not able to have all of our team members switch to classic at the moment.

    Any help is appreciated!

    Chase Hamby