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  • 1.  Callbacks

    Posted 08-16-2021 14:59
    Hello Community,

    I'm curious how customers are using the callback feature. This would be new functionality in my organization.

    Shara Benson
    Senior User Experience Analyst
    Alaska USA Federal Credit Union

  • 2.  RE: Callbacks

    Posted 08-17-2021 03:35
    Hi Quishara -

    The idea of the 'Callback' is to allow the Caller to maintain their position in the Queue without waiting on the phone, and not needing to leave a message. Operationally, Voicemail is the same, but allows the Caller to leave a message (both referred to as a 'flow out' in Architect and reporting terms).

    Our customers normally opt for the 'Voicemail' option.

    A couple of things to be aware of ...
    1. regardless of which you choose, remember that these 'calls' will end up in the Queue after hours, so the first Agent in the next morning may get swamped
    2. if the call is from a 'private' number you will need to add some code in Architect to prompt the Caller for a valid callback number.

    There are a couple of options for Issue #1:
    1. send the After Hours calls to a dedicated Callback Queue; Agents can then Activate the next day during quiet times.
    2. send the call to a 'Group' Voicemail​

    Hope this helps :)

    Thanks and regards,
    Malcolm Green
    Senior Contact Centre Engineer
    Nexon Asia Pacific

  • 3.  RE: Callbacks

    Posted 12-03-2021 15:09
    We are testing it for one of our divisions.  They want to offer callback feature WITHOUT the option to leave a message.  I downloaded the InQueue Callback example from Genesys - but it is not working for non US numbers (or if more than 10 digits).  I also found that if the caller presses 2 to request the callback to another number - the call gets disconnected - so I don't think their example actually works.  Just FYI

    Brenda Wynne
    Alcon Vision LLC