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Prioritizing inbound Voice Over CallBacks

  • 1.  Prioritizing inbound Voice Over CallBacks

    GCAP Member
    Posted 02-24-2020 18:40
    We have a group in PureCloud who is taking live customer calls as well as internal tech calls from out in the field.  They have prioritized the IVR for the tech's as they have work alone policies and procedures in place that requires them to check in,  while customers are not set at a priority.

    With the busier time of season, we are seeing longer wait times and customers are being offered call backs (which they take) and callbacks are taking priority over inbound tech calls regardless of the priority we are placing on the ACD routing.

    I have been looking at different ways we can route them with a higher priority, regardless of any callbacks waiting in the system, and have found the following that might work for us.

    1- in the Contact Center Utilization,  set a callback to be interrupted by a voice call.  Agents who are offered a call back will then receive voice calls as they come through the system.
    - Issue would be if the voice call is another customer.

    2- Increase the service level of the voice calls, & lower the service level of the callbacks.   Thoughts would be that the agents would have prioritized voice calls over callbacks due to the service levels.

    3- Tech calls route to a new queue or desk phone instead of mixing in with the customer calls.

    Has anyone else solved this type of issue?  Our biggest driver being that the tech might dial us instead of 911 if they are stuck on the side of the road injured.

    [Erin] [Neufeld]
    [Business Systems Analyst]
    [Kal Tire]

  • 2.  RE: Prioritizing inbound Voice Over CallBacks

    GCAP Member
    Posted 02-25-2020 16:53
    Yes, we have solved this using priority and some clever Architect scripting (here's me patting myself on the back :-)

    In the inbound flow I set call priority to 100 and initialize a callback / voicemail indicator using SetParticipantData before transferring the call to the queue.

    When call enters the in-queue flow I restore the indicator using GetParticipantData. The indicator is a boolean to determine if we have a callback / voicemail. If set to 1, I transfer the call to voicemail/callback. If set to 0, the call plays regular hold music for some time until we prompt due to long hold. If the client opts to leave a voicemail, I set the indicator to 1, and transfer the call (this activates the new priority) to the same queue with the same skills, but priority set to 0. When it reenters the in-queue flow it is transferred to voicemail immediately using priority 0 set previously. That way, voicemails / callbacks stay in the queue 100 minutes longer than calls. The idea is that eventually all waiting calls have cleared and voicemails / callbacks are delivered to the agents for handling. If a new call comes in, it should go to the beginning of the queue due to the high priority.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have questions.

    Sven Schiller

  • 3.  RE: Prioritizing inbound Voice Over CallBacks

    GCAP Member
    Posted 02-26-2020 03:13
    Hi Sven ... thanks for sharing this nugget... a well deserved Pat on the back from me too..

    Matthew Calton
    Grove & Dean Ltd

  • 4.  RE: Prioritizing inbound Voice Over CallBacks

    GCAP Member
    Posted 02-28-2020 11:24
    Hi Sevn - this is great but can you please explain it so that a newbie can understand? I'm trying to have live incoming calls get priority over the callbacks that are waiting.
    Is there a way to have live take priority over all  queues? or is it per queue only?  Currently I have 1 live call waiting and 1 callback waiting in a queue and then another live call in a second queue. I'd love to have both live take priority over the callback.  I tried George's suggestion of changing the expression in Architect but that didn't work for me.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Nicole Waiksnoris
    PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

  • 5.  RE: Prioritizing inbound Voice Over CallBacks

    GCAP Member
    Posted 02-28-2020 11:45
    Hi Nicole,
    I think George's suggestion will work for manually created callbacks, which we don't use. We give each call a priority of 100 and allow callers to choose to hold or leave a voicemail after some wait time. Then we reduce priority of the voicemail to 0, so calls have a 100-minute priority advantage.

    My implementation is specific to each queue that uses this in-queue flow (the inbound flow is usually queue-specific anyways). It will do exactly what you want: The callback will wait the configured time (in my case 100 minutes), before it's priority matches that of new incoming calls. Assuming all your agents are assigned to the two queues, the ACD always delivers the interaction with the highest priority. If you had callbacks waiting longer than 100 minutes (e.g. from the day before), they would take precedence over new calls.

    Not sure how much experience you have with Architect (or scripting / programming in general), but you need someone to understand the concepts of re-entrant code.

    Sven Schiller

  • 6.  RE: Prioritizing inbound Voice Over CallBacks

    Posted 02-26-2020 05:10
    Have you tried setting the call priority in Architect using an expression instead of stars, and setting the call to something like 1+999999? That would make the call appear to have arrived in the queue 1,000,000 minutes earlier than it actually did, and should bump calls ahead of everything else that has a priority in the usual range of 1-10.

    George Ganahl GCP (PureCloud), ICCE
    Principal Technology Consultant

  • 7.  RE: Prioritizing inbound Voice Over CallBacks

    Posted 02-25-2021 12:11
    There is an enhancement request to allow priority to be set when transferring an interaction to voicemail. The request can be viewed here Set priority and skills when transferring an | Genesys Cloud Ideas Lab ( and you can vote to increase the chances that it will be implemented.

    Bruce Dunn
    State of Delaware