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Agent Script Dropdown reset

  • 1.  Agent Script Dropdown reset

    Posted 07-14-2021 03:41
    Hi Genesys Community,

    I´m currently stuck and maybe someone can help me.
    For our customer we develop an Agent Script with an option to insert a multi level Wrap up code. I solve this with the use of different drop down menus. With using the visibility I can control which drop down appears. Now the issue: If the Agent choose an option in a dropdown by mistake and want to correct it the value of the dropdown is already set and I cannot find a solution to delete the value anymore. If I set the value of the dropdown variable to empty the script throws errors. Also the Dropdown stuck and that makes it quiet unhandy to use.
    The best and easiest way would be to reset the dropdown menu overall, but I cannot find a way to do so. Has someone in the past the same issue and maybe can give me a hint how to proceed?

    Btw. we have between 2 - 5 Layers, 25 dropdowns and overall around 3000 WRC combinations.

    Kind regards,


    Rafael Kaufmann
    NTT Germany AG & Co. KG

  • 2.  RE: Agent Script Dropdown reset

    Posted 07-15-2021 02:52
    Hi Rafael,

    Unfortunately there is nothing available currently to reset a dropdown once a value has been selected. We have run into the same issue a number of times, the best recommendation is make the right selection first time!

    Gareth James

  • 3.  RE: Agent Script Dropdown reset

    Posted 07-15-2021 13:08
    Hi @Rafael Kaufmann,

    We got in the same issue too. There is a way or workarround to "cleand" de list, it is assing a default value, a one different from your possilbe choices like an empty value or a string like "V_NOT_SET". So, if your have build something like linked list, when you change the value on the main list it force/change the value  on dependent lists. Is not a clean solution o easy to maintain y you have a lot lists, also with custom action you can update the assigned values on the list to the "default" value according to your script logic ​

    Saugort Garcia
    Interacciones Inteligentes S.A.