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  • 1.  Group Fax, Outgoing ID

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    Posted 7 days ago
    Company is migrating to Pure Cloud and I am trying to setup faxes to match current processes.  Users do not have DID. Currently, Company uses a fax server with 1 phone number. When faxes are received, someone validates workflow and then forwards the incoming fax by email to the correct person.

    1. I can set a User's profile to send fax and it works, but user's 4-digit extension is shown on the cover sheet and top of pages as the sending phone number. How do I change that to be a specific complete 10-digit fax number used by everyone?
    2. Any ideas how I can route incoming faxes to a group so any member of the group can access the faxes to be able to forward them to non-group users?  I tried assigning fax permissions to the group and a DID to the group, but incoming faxes fail.
    Thank you.

    Mark Kastner