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  • 1.  WFM - forecasting

    Posted 10-20-2020 19:33
    We've been on Genesys Cloud for a little while and we've moved our forecasting/scheduling to the their WFM tool.

    We have many clients/queues that we must forecast and manage. At the moment all the clients we provide afterhours services for are in one planning group. We often take adhoc meetings during business hours for these clients meaning we need to edit the forecast a lot, sometimes at short notice and we also need to be able to remove heightened volumes if we've had a event that caused a one off increase (weather events etc.).

    The issue we seem to have is that when we alter a forecast that is already attached to a schedule, the new forecast doesn't seem to be altering the differentials - it would appear the altered forecast does not filter through to the schedule.. meaning we'd have to build a brand new schedule and choose the altered forecast but then we'd need to do it again if we need to add more to that forecast. We also have many casual and part time staff that we roster adhc dependent on different business needs day to day to it is time consuming building schedules.

    Can anyone help? Are we missing something? Or is it not a function to edit a forecast and have the changes filter through to the existing schedule and staffing differential metrics?



    Denella Statham
    Palmerston North City Council