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  • 1.  Anyone having issues with Outbound Calls today

    Posted 09-20-2021 14:12
    Thought I would just check to see if anyone else is having issues with outbound calls today.  We have two separate PureCloud Orgs and they are both having this issue.
    users use Cisco Jabber for calls.  They are able to receive inbound calls through PureCloud via their Jabber phone - so PureCloud is able to connect to jabber.  However, if they try to make an outbound call - an error message appears saying that the station cannot be reached.  But it can be reached - because PureCloud just routed a call to the agent.

    Happening in both Americas and Europe.  Cannot even get pcap files because the call doesn't even make it to the Edge.  We did submit a case with Genesys (through our partner) and was able to provide both console and network logs.

    Brenda Wynne
    Alcon Vision LLC

  • 2.  RE: Anyone having issues with Outbound Calls today

    Posted 09-20-2021 18:43
    I did see this come in a few days ago that may not have been your problem:

    Resolved - Some users reported seeing the following message when attempting to place a call (after validating Edges and trunks operational):
    "No primary or secondary Edges are assigned. Only in-service Edges associated with the Site will be assigned. Verify the 'Sites with Edges' configuration for the Phone's site."

    While the issue appears to have affected only a small number of orgs, fix actions have been implemented to reduce further impact. If users should receive this message, the mitigation step is to change the site associated to the phones from "use this site" to "uses these sites" selecting the site. If additional assistance is needed, please contact product support.

    Vaun McCarthy
    NTT New Zealand Limited

  • 3.  RE: Anyone having issues with Outbound Calls today

    Posted 09-21-2021 20:38
    We had several orgs with major outbound problems over this last week (started 18/Sept):
    Remote Numbers unable to make outbound calls. Observed in phone management Remote Phones have a,
    - Red Diamond next to status, and expanding shows "No assigned Edges" where as normally would be
    - Grey square next to status, and expanding shows "Unmanaged".
    Workaround/ Fix:
    Under Admin / Telephony / Sites, changed Auckland site, Phone Edge Assignment> From "Use these Sites", To "Use this Site", and back again. (Good fix as does in bulk).
    Genesys still investigating Root Cause Analysis (RCA report).

    Ray Bowden
    Spark NZ Trading

  • 4.  RE: Anyone having issues with Outbound Calls today

    Posted 09-22-2021 11:15

    Thank you.  We did receive an email notification on Saturday evening that they had 'fixed' the red diamond issues.  Since we had been dealing with that issue for MANY months, I did not read the email as closely as I should have.  What's surprising is that support did not know about this issue – they could have told us right away to do the 'trick' where you change each site to reset it (change to say 'use this site' save, change to say 'use these sites' select sites, save)




  • 5.  RE: Anyone having issues with Outbound Calls today

    Posted 09-23-2021 02:11
    I raised a ticket for this issue (red diamonds on remote phones) back in May this year. Support advised me of this same workaround to reassociate the phones to the edge device back then.

    I'm surprised you had to endure the same issue for months when the workaround was known to support.

    Brett Hartley
    AFSA (Australian Financial Security Authority)

  • 6.  RE: Anyone having issues with Outbound Calls today

    Posted 09-23-2021 05:52

    I am pretty sure Sat 18/Sept/2021 was the first time any of our New Zealand based customers (hanging of AWS in Sydney) have seen this issue.

    This occurred on one of our biggest customer, & they weren't happy to say the least. We also had another three customers experience the same issue issue on Monday 20/Sept. Those customers may have been closed over weekend, so probably not noticed this outbound issue until fully open for business.
    At least we know the temp workaround now (& are awaiting RCA report, associated with our first case on 19/Sept/2021).

    Ray Bowden
    Spark NZ Trading

  • 7.  RE: Anyone having issues with Outbound Calls today

    Posted 09-23-2021 09:33

    We did the work around several times.  The red diamonds would keep coming back. 

    I thought the fix that they said they implemented this past weekend was supposed to keep us from having to do the reset again in the future.  I had no idea that whatever they did would break our outbound dialing capabilities.  It was as if the database that controls phone identifiers was corrupted as calls could route TO agents on their remote phones without any issue.  But those same remote phones were unable to make an outbound call because PureCloud thought there wasn't a phone associated with the user.