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Edge Mini Ports?

  • 1.  Edge Mini Ports?

    Top 25 Contributor
    Posted 09-22-2020 03:37
    I'm a bit confused as to the pairing/cabling process for a mini Edge.  They only have LAN1 and LAN2, ie no labelled WAN port.  The quick start sheets seem to imply ONLY using LAN2.  So what exactly is the process for these type of EDGE?  Do you connect the LAN1 port to the WAN network segment like you would on a v3 Standard Edge, and use the LAN2 for your LAN segment?  Or do you actually only use the LAN2 port in which case that would mean both your LAN and WAN connections are using the same segment, IP etc.

    Vaun McCarthy
    NTT New Zealand Limited

  • 2.  RE: Edge Mini Ports?

    Posted 09-22-2020 04:04
    Hi Vaun

    Basically LAN 2 is for internet and Lan1 is for telephony. Before connecting the LAN 1 make sure you have created an external trunk and have given all the required ip addresses and the ports you will be using for the communication purpose, same way you will do for the internet(WAN)- which will be connected to LAN 2 in the edge itself from network interfaces tab ipv4.

    In the second case if the telephony (sip provider) and the internet provider are the same i mean they have given you a single cable to use both you will connect it to the LAN2 port and repeat the above steps for creating the external trunk and configuring the ip addresses for both SIP and internet in the Edge.

    hope its clear

    Teja Darbha
    Jathwa Technology Solutions
    Riyadh Saudi Arabia

  • 3.  RE: Edge Mini Ports?

    Posted 09-23-2020 01:55
    Hi Vaun,

    When setting up, I usually connect LAN2(WAN) port to a LAN port that has Clear Line of Sight to the internet. Once you've uploaded the config from USB, you should see it your Org.

    Then you can configure everything (saving as you go), *except* your WAN interface, as you'll lose connectivity when you update the WAN I/F.

    Last action is to configure the WAN interface as per production requirements, then save the config ... the config will download to the Edge and update.


    Thanks and regards,
    Malcolm Green
    Nexon Asia Pacific