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VDI issues work and work arounds Azure

  • 1.  VDI issues work and work arounds Azure

    Posted 05-05-2020 21:22
    I thought i would float this question in case someone has experienced or may have a work around for WebRTC agents who use Azure VDI. As expected they are having quality issues.

    My stance is that VDI and WebRTC is not supported.
    The client has a requirement to use VDI for their other business operations.
    Does anyone have any suggestions to navigate around this issue?

    Some suggestions i have were to
    1. Forward mobile
    2. Plug in a handset



  • 2.  RE: VDI issues work and work arounds Azure

    Posted 10 days ago
    So there is really no hope to have Genesys Cloud - WebRTC running in VDI ?
    We're planning to use the softphone connector for Servicenow so our agents don't have to swivel share anymore between Purecloud and Servicenow. Challenge , we run Servicenow in VDI and until now we were letting the Purecloud/Genesys cloud run outside of VDI but with the softphone connector we bring the Purecloud piece inside the VDI now.
    Due to our VDI environment we can't afford the voice traffic to go through the VDI farm and need it to go straight to the cloud to reach Purecloud infrastructure.
    Anyone having managed to configure VDI - to act like HDX redirect/offload option for Citrix - so the WebRTC media is sent directly between the client and Genesys?
    Tx in advance

    Renaud Larcier

  • 3.  RE: VDI issues work and work arounds Azure

    Posted 7 days ago
    Hello Mark and Renaud,

    I have some good news to share on an upcoming roadmap item intended to help facilitate WebRTC in conjunction with VDI.  The project is currently titled "VDI Helper" and can be tracked on our Ideas Portal here:

    I can't share any ETA at this time but am excited that it is one of the next features on deck for the WebRTC team to developer and deliver.

    For now it is best to keep the WebRTC audio outside of the VDI session.

    Alan Lanteigne
    Genesys - Employees